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Sunday, July 5, 2009

O is for Overseas Packages.

We recently received a query regarding how to send care packages from another country. In this case, the UK.

My first answer is: I have no idea.

My next answer is: I've emailed the Dept of Defence about this. My email is below, but I can't be sure of any response, because the only address I could find that had any sort of remote relationship to what we're asking is the media contact form, and we're not exactly a media outfit.

However, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

As I noted in my email, when sending care packages to foreign troops, I've had to send via the USA, which has added a couple of extra weeks to the process. Don't do this if you're in a hurry!

The contact form has a field for a media deadline, so with luck I'll have a response by the end of the week.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have a bit of a strange request. I have been unable to find an appropriate contact email address, so I'm writing here.

A couple of friends and I run a small blog providing information on how to send care packages to Australian troops overseas. This blog is at

We have had an enquiry from Britain asking for information on how to send care packages to Australian troops overseas from the UK.

I'm aware of the policy here, where parcels up to 2kg are posted for free, but what is the situation for posting from elsewhere?

Would a person wanting to support our own have to mail their package to Australia first, or is there some sort of agreement with other countries?

I have sent care packages to friends in the US forces who have been deployed, and those had to be sent to America first. Is it the same in this case?

I thank you for your time and attention to this, and hope to receive a response.

I will post this correspondence on our blog, and any further information you can provide.

Yours sincerely,

online handle: nilk

update:Well, I got a reply from the Dept of Defence regarding my email today. Unfortunately, there's no official policy regarding sending care packages to our serving troops from overseas locations.

That's a bummer, but there are considerations of costs and space and how long it takes to get there, I believe.

Mind you, considering that we have embassies in a lot of countries, if I were overseas I might just send via the local little bit of Oz over there. It couldn't hurt to give it a go.


Matt said...

Thanks mate for your efforts.

The US Forces has it everywhere and I too was looking for an address.

Are you aware of the East Timor, Solomon Islands addresses?

Thanks again.


Nilk said...

I've not gotten my paws on those ones yet, Matt. If I did, those would be listed down the sidebar, also.

If anyone wants to drop me a note then I'll be happy to put it out there.

Nilk said...

And, Matt, you're more than welcome. :)