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Monday, August 16, 2010


To find out more about what Aussies are doing in places like Afghanistan, please watch the 4 Corners program "A Careful War".

This program highlights the way that our service personnel assist in Afghanistan, and also the dangers they face.

A Careful War - Part 1

A Careful War - Part 2

It's time for people to be enlightened that the work in Afghanistan and other fields in which Australian Defence Forces are working.

I know service personnel who have been deployed to places such as Afghanistan and Sudan and I know that they strongly believe that their job is to make the lives of the people in these places better. This is what they train for and this is what they go there to facilitate. The weapons side of things is really a secondary thing, for their protection and the protection of the locals.

Here is a link to the extended report from Chris Masters in Afghanistan.

In the extended report are several links to individual interviews and to Chris Master's diary and a PDF of background information on Afghanistan.