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This website was set up to get parcels to Australian Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen/Airwomen deployed overseas.

You are welcome to cut and paste information and use it to support sending parcels to our service members serving overseas, however, when you do cut and paste please link back to Ocean Sky & Khaki to acknowledge OSK, and so that people can find the blog themselves.

If there are questions one of us will answer if you comment on a post at the blog.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

All the information you need... UPDATED OCTOBER 2012


The parcel
• must be 2kg or under, and
• must be the size of a Bx2 Australia Post cardboard box or smaller,
• must not contain aerosols, batteries or other goods prohibited in the post,
• must be accompanied by a customs douane,
• must be posted by someone who has a photo identity (drivers licence).

Australia Post carries the parcel free as long as it is under 2kg in weight and under the size of the Bx2 box from anywhere in Australia to the AFPO in Sydney.

If you have several magazines you can send them bundled together for free, wrapped or packaged, clearly addressed, with douane etc, as long as the bundle is under 2kg.

The Post Office is aware of the parcel arrangement with the Department of Defence.

Sending to Afghanistan

An Australian Soldier
Op Slipper
Australian Defence Force

for the dog handler and his helpmate
An Australian EDD Handler
Op Slipper
Australian Defence Force

Sending to East Timor
An Australian Soldier
East Timor Operations
Australian Defence Force

Sending to the Solomon Islands
An Australian Soldier
Solomon Island Operations
Australian Defence Force

Messages to the Troops
Russell Offices
Department of Defence

: (02) 6265 1099
fax from outside Aus: +61 2 6265 1099
email: messagestothetroops*at*

Suggestions for care package contents for service troops in combat zones
Send a letter with an email address and/or a self addressed envelope, no stamp required, so the troops can reply.

Ask about their living conditions and if they have fridge or microwave available to them then it is easier to know which food items to send, but do not worry if they do not use something troops have been giving it to the chaplain or another unit to pass out to others that might need it.

NO HOMEMADE Food items unless you know the soldier as they get thrown away.
If sending liquid or food products, place them in a snap lock bag in case of leakage

dried fruit
drinking choc (individual sachets)
easy mac
individual small cereal boxes
individual ring pull tuna cans or sachets
long life milk (small packs)
microwave popcorn
microwave rice (reject shop $2)
oatmeal (individual sachets)
pepper (individual sachets)
powdered energy drinks
salt (individual sachets)
sauces & condiments like mustard etc (individual sachets are good, ask Macca’s if you can have some and why...)
spices - to go with lamb/goat for example, rosemary, garlic, thyme, greek spices
sugar (individual sachets)
tabasco sauce
trail mix
twisties (can also be used as packing in spaces in the box)
wasabi peas
aftershave (they complain they smell)
air fresher (non aerosol sprays & the cardboard card ones)
baby wipes (bulk & travel size)
cotton buds
deodorant (non aerosol)
foot powder
hair conditioner
hair shampoo
inner soles
lip balm (chap sticks)
razors (NOT the real cheap ones like Bic! Personally I use Schick and I’d only send those, we don’t want them cutting/slashing themselves to shreds!)
shaving cream (non aerosol)
soap (normal & travel size)
socks (black & white)
tissues (medium & travel size)
toilet paper (one roll in a box)
toothbrushes (sometimes)
if female troops then add the following
female hygiene products
gel or hair spray (non aerosol)
hair ties
hairbrush (only send 1)
Misc & entertainment
blank cards (for troops to send home)
board games
board games (some marines have a wonderful photo of them playing twister)
book (try not to send romance novels)
cheap dvds please write on cover & disc in permanent marker “Aussie troops property” to avoid theft
drawing paper
footballs/basketballs (and a pump)
magazines (nothing rude)
music CDs (Please write on cover & disc in permanent marker “Aussie troops property” to avoid theft)
other sporting goods
playing cards
poker chips
sport sections of newspapers
tennis balls (if you have tennis courts nearby you can buy second hand balls cheap – I got some from the University tennis courts $1 each, Slazenger and other brands)
writing Paper
NO Alcohol to be sent to any troops

What not to send:
Aside from and in addition to any items prohibited by Australia Post and the destination country, the following are prohibited to be sent to AFPO13 Operation Slipper:
clothing other than socks
magazines with naked women
any religious materials
The mailing addresses in this post are still correct.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pssst... Did you miss the Christmas mailout?

I suspect you could use the every day mailout address for Australian soldiers/sailors/airmen and pop them in the mail on Monday and I'm sure they'd go with the rest to Aussie military members who are overseas.

Good luck!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Received information from the Department of Defence regarding the Christmas Mail deadline.

I understand that the Christmas Mail is held and distributed to the members on Christmas Day.

Aside from the regular goodies to send (see here for "What to Send?", NOTE: don't use the addresses at this link for Christmas Mail!), we have had feedback that Ausralian lollies like Minties are really appreciated, snack foods like tinned flavoured fish (the small tins), biscuits, especially Tim Tams, are like gold. A book or magazine is also appreciated. Good coffee sachets and flavoured coffee sachets are appreciated, and packs of different types of tea (English Breakfast, Russian Caravan, Earl Grey, Oolong, Peppermint, etc), and flavoured tea (rose hip, raspberry, peach, etc), are liked by some, too. Sand Scarves are appreciated, too. Please see below for instructions if you're handy with a needle!

Please note, the addresses below will only be active for the Christmas Mailout from November 7 to December 9, 2011.

All the parcel regulations that apply to the other day mailings apply to the Christmas Mail.

The format of the address is as follows:

For the Middle East:
An Australian Defence Force Member
Good Will Mail
Middle East
Australian Defence Force NSW 2890.
For Timor Leste:
An Australian Defence Force Member
Good Will Mail
Timor Leste
Australian Defence Force NSW 2890.
For the Solomon Islands:
An Australian Defence Force Member
Good Will Mail
Solomon Islands Operations
Australian Defence Force NSW 2890.
Please check Australia Post prohibited items at  the Aus Post international post guide.

The following items are  prohibited to all destinations due to safety and customs issues:
clothing other than socks

The following items are prohibited to Middle East destinations:
magazines with naked women
any religious materials 

Sand Scarves and how to make a sand  scarf!We have heard a bit about sand scarves, these are appreciated by the soldiers as they protect from dust and dirt. If you are handy with your sewing machine you may be able to whip a couple of these up and send them in a parcel, they can be used for barter, too! Here's a link. Please note  that with the sand scarves, the sandy taupe/fawn/tan/sage green (very pale grey-green) coloured ones would be the best for the Middle East and possibly greens for the Timor and Solomons. (These can be used like old sweat rags were.) Here is the pattern information from Soldier's Angels. Please pay attention to the instructions on the fabric to use, it MUST be 100% cotton, do not use any synthetic blends.

Thanks so much for visiting and thanks for your support. We're still around, just leading busy lives!

If you have any questions, corrections, or I've missed anything please let me know!

Update: All you need to know about what to send is here:, please note that the addresses at this link are not the Christmas addresses.

UPDATE: Some info and images from Soldiers' Angels site which include sand scarves.

The boxes are now sold as Bx2 (not BM size).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Merry Christmas to one and all - from the British Navy!

If that doesn't raise a smile nothing will!

Don't  forget the Christmas Mail deadline is December 9,  Friday this week!

Friday, April 15, 2011

ANZAC Day Mailing information - 14 March - 15 April 2011 NOW CLOSED

This mailing is now finished although you can still send parcels to the regular addresses!
Keep up the good work.

Sent to me from my local RSL Sub-Branch President:

Following requests from a number of community-based organisations and private citizens, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has established special mailing addresses for members of the public to send Anzac Day care packages to service men and women serving on operations overseas.

The ADF Joint Operations Command Director of General Support, Brigadier Dianne Gallasch, said she is moved by the desire among ordinary Australians to remember those currently serving overseas on the day the nation honours all who have made the ultimate sacrifice in present and past conflicts.

“To be serving on operations on Anzac Day is an experience no sailor, soldier, airman or airwoman forgets,” Brigadier Gallasch said.

“The significance of the challenges and sacrifices made by those who have gone before them is all the more poignant when they stop to commemorate Anzac Day on foreign soil. To know that complete strangers back home are thinking of them on this significant day and have sent a small care package is extremely heartening.”

Members of the public are able to send parcels through Australia Post, so long as they do not exceed a 2kg cubic weight limit. Items weighing up to 2kg and posted in a ‘BM’ size Australia Post carton can be posted without cost to the sender. Parcels exceeding this limit will incur full postal charges which must be paid by the sender.

The postal addresses are active from 14 March until 15 April 2011 and packages will be distributed throughout the appropriate operational areas. For postal security reasons, parcels must be posted in person with presentation of photograph identification and can be lodged at any Australia Post outlet, using the following addresses:

Middle East:
An Australian Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Airwoman
Anzac Day Mail
Middle East Operations
Australian Defence Force NSW 2890
East Timor
An Australian Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Airwoman
Anzac Day Mail
East Timor Operations
Australian Defence Force NSW 2890
Solomon Islands
An Australian Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Airwoman
Anzac Day Mail
Solomon Islands Operations
Australian Defence Force NSW 2890
Brigadier Gallasch said deployed service men and women usually have access to essential personal items and those care package items most often appreciated include uniquely Australian treats such as lollies, as well as magazines, books and DVDs.

“Defence subsidises care packages to deployed personnel for Anzac Day and Christmas each year. For Christmas last year, some 10 tonnes of care packages were sent to deployed personnel by members of the public, boosting morale and providing a welcome treat,” Brigadier Gallasch said.

“On behalf of those members of the ADF who will receive care packages this Anzac Day, I would like to thank the public and community groups, particularly the RSL, for their thoughtfulness and kindness.”

Information on sending Anzac Day messages and care packages is available on the Defence website at

An alternate option to individual members of the public sending care packages is to donate to the RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund (AFOF). Twice a year the AFOF provides packages to Australian Defence Force, Australian Federal Police and AusAID personnel serving overseas. Further information regarding the AFOF is available on the RSL web site (

Media contact:
Defence Media Operations 02 6127 1999 or 0408 498 664

Anzac Day care packages for ADF members serving overseas

Friday, January 14, 2011

Queensland Floods - A thank you to our military

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank our military members who have been tasked with assisting in the aftermath of the extensive flooding from Towooomba and the Lockyer Valley to Brisbane.

As a resident in the Lockyer Valley I have heard the helicopters flying over daily since earlier this week.

Understand your efforts and your bravery in plucking stranded people from their roofs and airlifting locals from floodbound towns are very much appreciated. We are grateful for your presence.

Thank you!