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This website was set up to get parcels to Australian Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen/Airwomen deployed overseas.

You are welcome to cut and paste information and use it to support sending parcels to our service members serving overseas, however, when you do cut and paste please link back to Ocean Sky & Khaki to acknowledge OSK, and so that people can find the blog themselves.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

G is for Greeting

Don't forget to enclose a note.

You could write a short letter about who you are and why you want to support our forces. Especially if you are a child, these letters are always appreciated.

If you don't have time for a note (many of us don't), you could enclose your general email address and I'm sure that someone will say thanks, and you'll get feedback - you could share it with OSK so that we can tell everyone what the troops want/need wherever they are.

Remember, too, that packages are shared amongst troops if there is enough to go around.

Some personnel may not have anyone to communicate with at home, or not have writers/communicators among their family or friends. You can make a difference by writing a little bit about yourself, don't be a stranger!

G is also for Gum, chewing gum. Here's another tip, steer clear of the candy-coated chewing gum in hot climates. Stick gum is best. In Darwin many years ago I had candy-coated gum and the inside melted and was disgusting, and a problem if the candy was cracked.

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Anonymous said...

Would it be useful to include this URL in case they can log on occasionally? Or do they only have email access?