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Saturday, May 30, 2009

F is for forms

When you take your care pack to the post office, you'll be asked to fill in a customs declaration. You can't just stick the BM parcel in a mail box - you have to front up at a post office and send it in person.

You also need to show ID when presenting your parcel, so don't forget to take a drivers licence with you.

After sending a few parcels over a period of time, my postie gave me a stack of these forms to take home. That way, I can fill them out at home before taking the care pack to the post office. If you are intent on sending a care pack regularly, ask them for half a dozen forms. I'm sure they will oblige.

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kae said...

I had to pick up a script today.
My local Soul Pattinson chemist has hand wash in a small tube for $2.95 for two, one is usually $2.75!
Lip chap stick stuff was two fer in a blister pack (I'll take them out of the pack and perhaps put them in a small freezer bag, one to each parcel).

I must go, I have a wog. KERCCHOOOOOO!