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Thursday, November 22, 2012

East Timor security deployment ended

Australia officially ends the military security mission in East Timor today, with 400 troops set to return home
Australia has quietly ended its military mission in East Timor, with the flag officially lowered on the 13-year deployment at a ceremony in Dili.

The deployment officially ends on Thursday, although Australian personnel will remain through to April next year to return equipment to Australia, close bases and return property and buildings to the East Timor government.

Australia will maintain an ongoing defence relationship by way of the Defence Cooperation Program. As well, Australian Federal Police (AFP) will continue to support local police.


Anonymous said...

Can you still send packages to soldiers from other places? Is there any way to adopt a soldier? How exactly do you get free postage?

kae said...

The East Timor deployees returned home last year.

You can still send parcels to other areas where Australian service personnel are deployed.

If you go to the LINKS TO INFO POSTS ON THIS BLOG in the right hand column of this page you can read all about what to send and how to send.

You need to keep the weight down to 2kg, as that is the limit of free postage, over that you must pay the whole amount of postage. The boxes can be purchased at the Post Office, they are Bx2 Mailing Boxes and they cost about $2 or so.

mrs_welsh said...

Hi Kae,

Just letting you know my friend and I found the cut-off date for ANZAC Day parcels recently uploaded to the web, it will be 12th April if you wish to post this for info :-) Also only the one addy open now as you know.

Cheers :-)

kae said...

Hi Julieanne
Thanks for that news, do you have a link to the information?

mrs_welsh said...

Sorry K I only just saw this but I see you have found the details :-) cheers!!