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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feedback: A thank You from Afghanistan, Adopt a Soldier

I received a Thank You email today from a person in Afghanistan. He said that they share out the goodies they get in their parcels, the recipient gets first dibs and they share things around.

Winter has been especially cold this year in Afghanistan and though Christmas parcels from home arrived late they've been very much appreciated.

As far as Adopt A Soldier, it's been suggested that anyone interested in adopting a soldier who may not have support from home, or who needs a boost from home, address a letter to The Chaplain and you may find The Chaplain will be able to help.


Jacana said...

My Son returned home this week from Afghanistan - he commented on how the parcels addressed to an Australian Soldier were extremely appreciated especially by the guys without family. I asked the best part about the parcels to an Australian Soldier and he commented on the food like nuts, tin tuna, dried fruit as they could pack it into their backpacks when they went out for days on patrol. Apparently a nice change from rations. So Thank you once again.

carole johnston said...

Hi we have just posted another 12 packages off,4 men,4 ladies and 4 for the dogs and handlers we marked then Anzac,many more people in town have done them and now our Scouts came to see me as they are getting some ready,we have come to love doing them in our little town and so nice to hear they actually arrive..we were much more imaginative this time,even the local newsagent gave us bucket hats for the packs even if the troops wanted to give them to kids...lots of goodies on the way..
Great work and we did hear that they are cold at night,some ladies making rugs and if and whn they are given me i will be in touch to see what to do with them,I believe one lot of ladies made a quilt for each person in one platoon! how awesome was that,I also heard they like laundry bags,do you know anything about these?if so can you let me know..thanks

Gregoryno6 said...

Letters arriving everywhere this week!
Nilk advised me once that thank you letters might be rare, and I could understand her reasons. But it was great to finally see that AFPO postmark on the envelope.

kae said...

Hi Jacana
I hope your soldier settles soon.

A Blessed Life
I know I saw someone mention them in the comments and I clicked on their site where there were photos. I can't check right now I must get ready for work so I'll look later for you.

kae said...

I googled and found a blogger's site with a pattern for Laundry Bags for Soldiers:
and this one, too!

kae said...

I'll have to do a post on these two blogs and their fabulous work...

Back to work for me!

Katren said...

I received a lovely email thank you for one of my packages the other day. It really made my day.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am just wondering if the addresses are still all current? Also, how do you 'adopt a soldier' as one of your posts suggest? Thank you!

kae said...

The addresses in the right side of this blog are current.

To adopt a soldier/sailor/airman/woman just write a letter, using the parcel address, and instead of putting "An Australian Soldier" put in The Chaplain as the addressee. Enclose a covering letter for The Chaplain explaining that you'd like to adopt a soldier. This should find the chaplain and s/he will be able to forward your letter to an appropriate recipient.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Finally I've been searching where to write and adopt an aussie soldier. Thank you so much for the information

rusti said...

Hi Kae,

Rusty here, I sent a few parcels a week ago now, one parcel I addressed to the Chaplain for an adopted soldier, I wrote a letter to the Chaplain to explain the parcel was to be given to a soldier who needed support, but I have not heard back- it was quiet a large parcel about 10kg is weight. Do you think I will hear back?...I also put a letter in for the soldier as well and would like to keep writing to that person.
I am sending more christmas parcels tomorrow but do wish I'd hear from the Chaplain and keep hoping there will be a letter from him every time I go to the letterbox?......Cheers Rusty

kae said...

Free parcels are supposed to be 2kg or under and the size of the B2 box - did you have to pay postage? If you didn't pay postage I'm not sure what will happen to the box.
Be patient, the Christmas deadline for postage is this Friday (and I need to get my act together and get mine done!), and although the deadline is early December, sometimes the parcels don't get to their destination until much later. Last year's Christmas mail delivery was delayed by bad weather until February!
I don't send parcels expecting to hear from the recipient, but it is a thrill to hear from them.

rusti said...

Hi Kae,

Yes I paid for the 10kg parcel. Yes I agree it's a great thrill to hear back from the soldiers and I have sometimes which was fantastic. I understand that you don't always get to hear back from them.

You're right I should be patient and may hear back in time. Thanks for the reply....I'm packing up a couple of christmas pacels now and can't believe I got a poker chip game for $3 yesterday, (I've seen them for $10!) so I hope the boys will enjoy's lovely packing the christmas items I'd just love to see the soldiers faces sometimes when they receive them.....Cheers Rusti

kae said...

Hi Rusti
I love giving gifts - the best reward is to be able to see the look on the face of the recipient, particularly when you've taken care to try and get that special something you know they'll appreciate.

rusti said...

Hi there Kae,

Agree with you there I'm feel exactly the same.....with that parcel I sent I did send it to this address as they weren't Christmas parcels....“An Australian Soldier”
Op Slipper
Australian Defence Force
But I will send my christmas ones tomorrow to the other Christmas mail address.

Anonymous said...

As far as receiving a response regarding care packages, my household does not expect a response.

Based on the amount of care packages that my household sends, approximately 12.5% of them derrives a response. Sometimes, this can take months to come, if at all.

Please remember that the recipients are likely to be otherwise occupied, and it does not mean that they are not appreciative of the effort involved.

That stated, one item that my household has been advised that someone was happy to receive was CD's (amongst other items).

As someone advised me, "You have no idea what it is like receiving a care package." This person also mentioned, "Give them something to chew."

In my household's care packages, we usually include some type of entertainment: a book, CD, DVD, magazine, or comic, some food, and some toiletries.

Natasha said...

ok so hi it would be absolutely amazing if someone could answer a few of my questions.
first i have been meaning to send letters to the troops but i have no idea where to start or where to send it?
and is it even slightest bit likely that i would get a reply back?

again it would awesome if someone could help me out, thanks

kae said...

Hi Natasha

For the latest information on sending parcels please go to the Anzac Day 2013 deadline post.

You can send letters to our Defence Personnel deployed overseas via the parcel address. The address is in the bar on the right of the screen.

Just a general, chatty letter. Introduce yourself. Let them know about the weather here at home, you can tell the recipient about yourself, your hobbies and interests. If you are at school you can talk about that, too.

It's easy. Think of a penpal and what you'd talk with them about.

If you have an email address give them that, too. Sometimes they don't have pen/paper/envelope/time to actually write a letter, but may be able to email.

Don't be disappointed if you don't hear back. Sometimes they do get busy and just don't have time to spare to write.

If you'd like to "Adopt a Soldier", for example as a penpal, write an introductory letter and talk about yourself and why you'd like to befriend a soldier, as well as your letter to the soldier, and add "The Chaplain". That way the padre will be able to pass your letter on to someone who may not have contact with home.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My son had recently completed Infantry training and been posted. I haven't had to go through the worry of deployment yet - Thank God. But I will be sending care packages as well. Thank you to all those above who take a moment to do this for Australia's sins and daughters

Anonymous said...

Sons* although they're is a bit of devil in my son! Damn you auto correct

kae said...

Hi Anonymous
Your thankyou is appreciated.
I hope your son finds his service rewarding and that he returns home safe and sound.

kae said...

"Damn you auto correct"

I really do think these machines are getting way too smart for their own good!

Unknown said...

Thanks for providing an address! I posted on Facebook and twitter yesterday and have over 30 people committed to send letters or packages in the next week. Those people have also shared the statuses and have got others involved. I'm aiming for 50 letters and care packages, but would be great if it's more! My local post office is on board and supplying people with boxes :)
There are lots of people out there wanting to show their appreciation to our troops. We just didn't know HOW!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy
Thanks for that!
Please remember that nothing should be sent for the K9s - they have a special diet and reward toys which are tightly linked to their training so we can't send these things as they will not be used.
A good brew (tea/coffee), the sachets of flavoured stuff are good for a change, too. Cuppa soups type snacks (heading into winter there), dried fruit, lollies are all popular things. Hard lollies individually wrapped are popular as are chupachups as these can be shared and last a while.
Good Luck, and thanks for passing the word around!

Unknown said...

Great to know, thanks. I'll pass that info along :)

Unknown said...

Is anyone still sending letters to troops - has anything changed since then ? Ta Lillian

kae said...

Hi Lillian

I am checking at the moment.

There are several operations still on which involve members of the Australian Defence Forces.

I will investigate more and get back to this blog. I may put up a new post about it if I can find the information.


Anonymous said...

HI! My names Layela.
I really want to send care packages, letters of good will and maybe adopt a soldier? Trouble is, I cant find any addresses that im sure are 100% current, I dont want anyone to miss out and the only one I can find is for Afghanistan.
any help? :)

kae said...

Hi Layela

I'm trying to get information on where mail/parcels can be sent now.

I just have to wait until I hear.



Unknown said...

Anything yet Kae? :)

kae said...

Hi Samarra
Not yet.
I have a few contacts I need to follow up.

Unknown said...

Okie dokie! Fingers crossed :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I was just curious as to wether it's still possible to send care packages to Afghanistan. On Malcolm Turnballs website it says until April 13, 2015. Does that mean no more care packages, letters or emails can be sent?

Thankyou so much. I look forward to hearing back

kae said...

I haven't been able to find out whether we can still send parcels and where to.

Unknown said...

Hey I looked into this And asked a friend who directed me to the defence web site :) I have the link! He said lollies and things they can share go down well there's also a link to Aus post so you can seperate navy, army and Air Force should you choose :) I'll post that link too!!

Unknown said...

Here is the Aus post one too :)

kae said...

Thank you so much Samarra!

I will make a post about this tonight. I was relying on contacts within the services to let me know information.

kae said...

I knew there was something else I had to last night...

Unknown said...

Hi Kae,

I would like to adopt a soldier. What is the procedure??

Thank you,

Laure :)

kae said...

Hi Laure

It would be best to write to the general address for mailing to service personnel deployed overseas and address the letter or postcard specifically to The Chaplain, ask the Chaplain to forward your request to a suitable member who may need support.

Let me know how you go.

Elle said...

I'm wondering if the procedure and adress for the Chaplain to adopt a soldier to write letters to is still the same these days? I've been looking for a way to get involved in this but I keep finding US based stuff and would really prefer to support our own Aussie troops. You seemed really knoweldgeable about this so I though I would ask, though i'm not sure if this blog is still monitored.
Hope you can help, though no worries if it's not something you're involved in still.