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This website was set up to get parcels to Australian Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen/Airwomen deployed overseas.

You are welcome to cut and paste information and use it to support sending parcels to our service members serving overseas, however, when you do cut and paste please link back to Ocean Sky & Khaki to acknowledge OSK, and so that people can find the blog themselves.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pssst... Did you miss the Christmas mailout?

I suspect you could use the every day mailout address for Australian soldiers/sailors/airmen and pop them in the mail on Monday and I'm sure they'd go with the rest to Aussie military members who are overseas.

Good luck!


carole johnston said...

Hello, I just realised that perhaps you might like a little feedback.I belong to a little community group and a sewing group and I found your website just in time to put all about it in our little community paper that our group prints,our community loved the article(I took it direct from here) and went with it,I also sent it on to my daughter in law and her guide group at Budgewoi did 9 boxes!Our sewing group has decided we will join the Sand Angels and regularly do the sand scarves.. starting in January every 6 weeks we will try to sew a batch as a group.The Newcastle Herald saw the item and called me on Thursday to do an article he was taken by the dog handlers packages,as it was so late next year he is going to do something about October to get people moving to see if we can get many more packages moving,we are also going to start in October,we are a little community and have loved pulling together with this and we hope that if at any time anything is going on we can support the group,I have to tell you this little bit we have a 90 year old return serviceman that still has the wrapping from his care package he received overseas whilst at war,he is amazing.I think you are doing an wonderful job and thanks for giving us something special to aim for also.Carole Johnston.Aberdeen.

kae said...

Hi A Blessed Life
What a beaut blog you have! And what a lovely part of Australia you live in!
I'm travelling to Sydney in January and I'll be sure to think of you as I pass through the Upper Hunter.
Parcels can be sent at any time of the year, as faras I know deployees go overseas for six months at a time so twice a year could get everyone, but they're all staggered as to when they come and go.
I'd be really interested to see the figures for parcels this Christmas mailing.

Some people have asked about a pattern for the sand scarf, I don't sew (clumsy carp me pinned the leg holes in the shorts mum showed me how to make so they got stitched... LOL, not a sewer!), but I tell them I only have a recipe for the sand scarves.
If you click on my name over on the side bar you can send me an email if you could attach a pattern? Is that possible?

Thanks so much for letting people know about OSK, I think the more people who know about what they can do to support our Soldiers/Sailors/Air(wo)men the better the support.

Talking about Soldiers' Angels, this blog was started so that Australians could support Aussie soldiers deployed overseas as so many civilians expressed interest in doing something to show their support and there was no way for them to find the information. I'm not sure about whether the information is now easier to find on the DOD website... may have a sticky beak now (must do some work around the house).
Thanks again, Carole.

Betty Burqa said...

I looked for almost 12mths before I found this blog and since then I have sent over 30care packages for our deployed and their 4legged companions. I was also privileged enough to receive a letter of thanks from Afghanistan acknowledging that our men and women are humbled by our words of support and are genuinely grateful for the packs sent. Through word of mouth I was able to get a couple of others on-board and tomorrow I have another seven packs ready to send.
With Australia Day coming up I may put in a Aussie bandana.
thanks for a great site, from Diane SYDNEY

Nilk said...

Hi, Diane,

You're more than welcome and thank YOU for sending so many parcels.

What you're doing is fantastic, and I hope you have a great Christmas and likewise for next year.

Keep up the wonderful work!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I stumbled across your site and it has great information if you want to send care packages to Aussie troops overseas. I have some packages ready to go to Afghanistan, and I just wanted to check that the address I have is still operational. It is:

An Australian Soldier/Sailor/Airman/​Airwoman
Op Slipper
Australian Defence Force

If you could let me know, that would be greatly appreciated. Then, I can put them in the mail.

Keep up the good work. Regards, Stephanie.

kae said...

Hi Stephanie
That's the correct address for Afghanistan.
It's still current, we still use it.