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Thursday, August 6, 2009

P is for Pasta, Anyone?

So I'm considering a pasta package. Sure, I've still got a couple to post off already, but each time I shop I get more ideas, like Boy on a Bike had his Tea and bikkies package.

I figure I'll throw this out to the reading public for feedback. Here goes:

Pasta - 500g bag of spaghetti, fettucini or spirals. Not sure what's more practical.
Tomato paste - Leggos do a 400g plastic squeeze tube which is truly wonderful.
Onion flakes - by the bag or by the jar.
Mixed italian spices - again, by the bag or by the jar.
Parmesan cheese - Kraft have their little shakers in various sizes, and it was always a staple in the pantry growing up.

Maybe some garlic paste to add to some bread for something a bit different.

It could work...


Meat can be added to taste at a later stage.


kae said...

Aldi has some specials on the rack near the front... wasabi paste, green, red curry and some other stuff.

Might go with goat...

Sandy said...

Don't forget our female members of the Defence Forces. I addressed a parcel to "An Australian Soldier - female" and included a magazine, hand cream, perfume sachets, pink razors, hot chocolate sachets, nice coffee and dainty biscuits that I found at Aldi. This week I got a reply from a lovely young lady.

Unknown said...

If you can afford the weight, you might want to add a "single serving" can of pre cooked beef chunks.

Then you'd have one of my favs from the C-Rat line of fine cuisine. The "Spaghetti and beef chunks".

Never understood why the weirdos that made C-Rats put meatballs in beans and beef chunks in spaghetti.

The only better meal was the beef and rocks (potato disks). That was only edible if you could pressure cook it though.

Caz said...

Sandy - nice, really nice!

Thanks for sharing that idea.

Obviously your thoughtfulness was really appreciated.