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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When Soldiers Come Home

they find it hard.... be forgiving when someone says how hard it is to have a new baby in the house.

From Nancy Sinatra's site... go there, read the post.

Thanks to Splice

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Carpe Jugulum said...

To nilk via jawas site, i hope some of our expats jump onboard.

Yes my daughter got a thank you card that arrived on Tuesday (16th June), she rang me Tuesday night to tell me but i didn't ask what regiment it came from, she was so thrilled. My not so little girl anymore.

To stay with the theme of the original post, i went on deployment in 1985, (SE Asia trip), for 6 months, what was the worst thing was as she was still a baby (1yrs) and when i got home she had no idea of who dad was as it was only snail mail then. Missing a childs birth is bad, having a child who doesn't know who you are is, trust me, exponentially worse.

I'm glad that with modern technology our troops overseas can stay in touch with home, but for those who aren't away you have nothing to complain fact enjoy the sleepless nights, i would have traded anything to see my daughter take her first steps.



wow can i waffle.

Nilk said...

Yeah, that's some waffle, Carpe. :)

My dad spent a year in Vietnam through 1965 and he missed my sister's 1st birthday.

We had a lot of baby photos of my sister, and very few of us other siblings, all things considered.

It's understandable, though, so I don't recall ever being envious about the lack of photos of me!

Nilk said...

It's so cool for your girl, too. It's a nice feeling being able to make someone's day a bit brighter.

I've got a huge box of goodies stashed away to sort next week and start sending. It's been really hectic here and I've just not had any time.

So to any new readers, a quick shout out and acknowledgement that you don't have to send a package once a week or fortnight.

It's if you're able to and you want to.

(I will admit that I'd like every soldier to get several, but that won't happen overnight. Hmmm. 3000 overseas out of a population of 25 000 000? Not impossible.)

kae said...

Hi Carpe and Nilk
I've been gathering stuff for a few weeks, spent some of my unused petrol money on goodies... when I saw stuff on special. Like teabags, coffeebags, condensed milk, packets of those dry pasta side dish thingies, little toy cars ($3 for four at Crazy's), dried fruit, ginger, milo, hot chocolate, dried mushrooms, toothbrushes ($2 for two at Aldi), wasabi peas.

Wasabi peas. What the hell is it with wasabi peas?

I just have to sort them into boxes and get them out.

I have a couple of personal parcels (late and very, very late birthday pressies), which I also have to organise and send out.

TL said...

Hi Carpe, can I just say I love your nic? I have to smile every time I read it! (I lurk at Bolt's and Blair's) Can I be so bold as to say that I think one of the upsides of missing your daughter's first birthday is she is not likely to hold it against you (because she won't personally remember). I never did for my dad. I doubt Nilk did on my behalf! If anything, I was proud of what he did and who he was, missing my birthday was a non-event for me. Mind you, I expect it did affect him, as the same situation is affecting you, but I can only guess. Just from the little bit you have written there, it looks like you have a great relationship with your daughter, I'm sure she appreciates what you have been through. I hope I'm not out of line with what I have written here, but this is just a brief comment from a "child's" perspective.

To those running this show, great post on Nancy Sinatra's site, I'll make sure the bods at work see it (it's going to everyone in my team, whether they like it or not). Having a couple of weekend warriors on the team helps with spreading the message. We can talk very loudly about such things in the office, I doubt anybody will take us on! Cheers! TL

kae said...

I believe you know who I am, looking over someone's shoulder, huh? Nice to see you posting here.
I have to thank Splice for putting me onto the Sinatra piece.
See ya! (Or maybe you'll see me, over someone's shoulder!)