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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

F is for found furry animals

Completely by chance, I happened to find a $2 shop today in Lane Cove today that sells just what I have been looking for - a pack of small, clip-on furry animals. A dozen for five bucks.

Finding them just took a bit of perseverance, and a bit of luck. I was actually searching for a cake rack (which I failed to find). I'm going to use four furry animals per pack until I run out of them. Or the kids find them.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Good luck with the cake rack BOAB

Nilk said...

Boy, those clippy toys rock! When I went overseas back in the day, I took several packs of those with me. I just gave them out and you'd be amazed at how much fun you can have with them!

kae said...

F is also for found sugar sachets... 50 for about $1.50 Bundaberg sugar... But you'd probably be able to buy them cheaper from the local cafe, unless you resort to stealing them! They might sell them to you - I don't think 50 sachets would go far,especially with no milk!

Something wrong with the furry critter pic, is it OK?

Anonymous said...

I picked up three packs of those furry critters yesterday for $3 each in what WAS a $2 shop. (It's now been renamed $2 $3 and $5 Shop).

I've put six in this week's package, filling up little spaces.

When I first saw the BM boxes I thought they were too small to get much in there at all but they really do take quite a lot if you pack carefully.

Here's this week's contents:

4 Mocca sachets
1 pkt Twistees
1 tiny Detol hand sanitizer
1 pkt Wasabi peas
1 tube of lip balm
1 vanilla custard cup (no refrigeration required)
1 chocolate custard cup
2 x mini sultana packs
1 Delites (savoury biccies)
1 travel size baby wipes
1 pack of dental floss sticks
1 pkt of macadamia nuts
8 Chuppa Chups (singles poked into little spaces)
1 pack white choc and macadamia cookies
6 clip-on koalas


kae said...

Hi Sandi!
Don't forget your greeting! We'd also like for the soldiers to know about OSK, so that we can get feedback on what they need on the site....

Nilk said...

Good one, Sandi.

As for the furry animals, I've yet to find them.

I have, however, found whoopie cushions and grabbed a couple to send over.

We have plenty of fun with them here, and Magilla's already managed to destroy a couple since last christmas.

Must buy more!

Anonymous said...

Half-way done, kae.

I put my post office and email addresses in the letters and ask that they let me know what's hot and what's not. Haven't heard back yet.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I put the URL for this site in as well. I only write one typed page starting with thank you for serving our country.