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Saturday, June 20, 2009

F is also for furry animals

I have a question for the blogsphere.

I'm told that Australiana is a good thing to include in a care pack, as it can be used for trading with troops from other countries, or for giving to the locals as gifts.

I paid a visit to a tourist-oriented gift shop in The Rocks this week to have a look at what was on offer - I can't find anything that looks applicable in our local shops. I couldn't find anything that I thought was useful and appropriate. That might just be a function of my taste in stuff!

At the non-fragile, small end of the spectrum (as in stuff that would not take up too much space in a BM box), they had things like playing cards, key chains, stuffed furry animals, baseball caps, bucket hats and so on.

What would you recommend buying? I'll be down that way again next week, and need some suggestions.


kae said...

furry little clip-on critters...

Anonymous said...

I've been looking around Perth for the same kind of Australiana and have found the same things. In other words, not much.

I had in mind those little hat pins that tourists, scouts, sports teams etc like to exchange, but no luck. Maybe they're too small anyway.

I'll get some furry critters and see how they go.


TL said...

Little furry clip-on critters are good, you can buy 12 in a pack in some stores, and you would not need to put the whole lot in one box. You could even mix 'em up through several boxes! Re your thoughts about the stuff being "useful and appropriate", remember these are going to people who most likely have never seen this stuff, so I think anything on your list should be fine. Cheers! TL.