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Thursday, November 26, 2009

T is for Thank You!

Cpl Fisher in comments below writes:

Hi guy's I am currently serving in Afghanistan and would just like to say thanks a million for what you guy's and girls are doing. I just stumbled across this link on the Townsville bulletin website. It is great to know some people back home are thinking about us and I'm sure all the guy's who have received a parcel are wrapped. Thanks again guy's keep up the good work.

Cpl A Fisher MRTF-2

Corporal Fisher is one of the reasons why we have this blog.

There are several thousand other reasons for this blog out in harm's way.

Words are inadequate when it comes to showing respect and honour for our military, so I won't waffle.

I'm just happy to be able to say Thank You, Cpl Fisher, and your brothers- and sisters- in arms.

Thank you to also to our growing team of care package senderers
carers, whether I know of you or not.

Your efforts are appreciated whether you receive a direct response or not.

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