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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Guest post from someone who has been there, done that (sort of)

Hello Kargo here. I have not quite been doing the same job as those fantatsic members of the ADF have been doing but I have recently returned from Western Darfur in the Sudan. There we were confronted with "shortages" of items that could/should and would zest up general existence in a hot and dusty clime.

Now, when thinking about the type of things to send there are a few categories of items. These categories are based on two great needs when you are in the back of beyond, being, to be entertained, hear about the normal shaningans that people get up to and to eat interesting things.
I am going to put a few ideas together on a list that might help people with putting their parcels together, in the meantime, keep up the good work!!


kae said...

Thanks for that Kargo.

We await your suggestions for interesting goodies to send to our people overseas.

And thanks for your service!

Chistery said...

Please tell me if this idea is okay or stupid.

One thing I wanted to include in the packs sent to soldiers in Afghanistan (but didn't because I was struggling to say under the 2kg limit) was a small bottle of bubbles solution.

I got the idea from an African overlander trip I did in which the tour leader had some bubbles. Every time we were greeted by a bunch of village kids, their faces just lit up when we brought the bubbles out and started blowing them for the kids to chase and pop.

I just imagined that a soldier would get a real buzz if he could pull out some bubbles and get the same reaction from the local kids, but then I wasn't sure if the gift idea would get a WTF? reaction.

Any thoughts?

kae said...

Hi Chistery
Long time no see!
I'm sure someone will give us feedback on your suggestion.

redtail said...

He he he, I've already bought some, as I thought, wow, bubbles always bring smiles to everyone. I have double bagged them, and will probably put some paper towel in the second bag just incase.