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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Combat Team Delta

Rusti Kozicki and family says "Hi!"

Rusti's been sending packages for a while and is always thrilled when a reply arrives.

Thanks from Rusti!

from Rusti's Comment on this thread.

Rusti, if you get a thrill out a note saying thankyou (some have had phonecalls, others emails), imagine what a thrill it is to receive a package of goodies from home?


rusti said...
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kae said...

Rusti said:
Hi Rusti here again just wanting to say how thrilled we were to receive an email of thanks plus a photo of the troops from Rob N (team medic)it is so wonderful to receive an email but even more wonderful to receive a photo with it! Thanks a lot Rob
Cheers (C & J Kozicki)

rusti said...

Hi again everyone,

Rusti here just wanting to let you all know how happy & excited I was today to receive a lovely digital picture and thank you note from our Deployed Expolsive Detection Dog Handlers and their K9's....I was so thrilled and pleased to know the soldiers and the K9's received our parcels and that they took the time to send this picture with their thanks just makes me feel ever so proud of our aussie troops..
Cheers from a very overjoyed Rusti..