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Friday, October 2, 2009

E is for East Timor.

If you look in the sidebar, you'll see we've added an address. Since we've also got people in East Timor, I figured it was about time to provide some details for sending to there, too. While we don't hear much about what's happening up there, our Diggers have been there for ages.

Time to send them some love, too!

“An Australian Soldier”
Australian Defence Force

As I've discovered, there are a few restrictions on what you can send to East Timor.

According to my information, things not to send include:
Coins, currency, firearms, weapons, ammo (this is a no-brainer, but I guess some people don't have brains), firs, ivory, jewellery, perfume, pornography, drugs, dyes (??), parasites and insect killers, cigarettes, alcohol and most importantly.... cordial*.

My view is that it's basically use your common sense, as with the care packages we're already sending. It is illogical to send a parcel full of stuff that will get our guys into trouble, so don't!

And keep up the great work.

*I have no idea on the reasoning behind the cordial ban, but I will fess up to sending some to Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

The cordial ban is probably more to do with in case the container breaks and the damage it will cause to other mail articles. Cheers

Gregoryno6 said...

No, sorry, this is wrong. Cordial is banned in East Timor because the polar bears find it a deadly aphrodisiac. Couple of glugs of the stuff and it's hello, terminal coitus!

East Timor is trying very hard to restore its polar bear population. Please be understanding.

In other news, Gina Elise is now taking orders for the 2010 Pinups for Vets Calendar. If someone can advise that the calendar doesn't meet the ET definition of pornography I will flick a one or two in that direction - judges, I direct your attention to
Thank you.

Gregoryno6 said...

Off topic -
"Probably the Defence Department's best kept secret" - yeah, no kidding. Those folks are so busy stamping TOP SECRET over useful info like this they can't update their website.
Check out the line under "SASR home for Christmas" at:
Out of touch, slightly?

Lesley said...

This blog is great & I am most definitely going to send some care packages. I'm also going to spread the word... Great job guys! Thanks for the information =)

Nilk said...

Thank yourself, Lesley. :)

We're here to provide a bit of information about supporting our troops. The more sending a bit of care the merrier. :)

Mandie Mason said...

Kae, I have found out from a Afghanistan contact who was serving in Timor, that cordial is banned because it was being used to send Alcohol it is also has the same restrictions in Afghanistan and Iraq

Also have a look at this link great blog about our gunners

bathmate said...
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kae said...

Spam slammed.