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This website was set up to get parcels to Australian Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen/Airwomen deployed overseas.

You are welcome to cut and paste information and use it to support sending parcels to our service members serving overseas, however, when you do cut and paste please link back to Ocean Sky & Khaki to acknowledge OSK, and so that people can find the blog themselves.

If there are questions one of us will answer if you comment on a post at the blog.


Monday, August 24, 2009

V is for Viral.

Which is hopefully where we'll go with this.

I do keep an eye on our statcounter off in the sidebar, just to see where our readers and participants come from, and it's also nice to see who is linking to us.

In the interests of privacy, I don't make any of this public, although I've been known to drop an email to Boy and Kae letting them know that we're getting a few hits from an unexpected source.

I'm just an inveterate stickybeak when it comes to stuff like that.

Anyway, I have noticed that we're getting some visitors from fora where you have to be registered. As I'm not registered, then I can't access them to see what's being said about this blog.

I'm presuming it's positive, and I did notice that someone in another forum has a link to us in their sig.

That is a Good Thing. :)

Word is filtering through the blogosphere, with many thanks to Andrew Bolt in particular, and many for those smaller groups who have picked up the ball and run with it.

I'm a big fan of looking after our own, and I'd personally like to see every member of our Forces serving in hostile lands to receive care packages.

The more word gets out, the closer that aim becomes.

For those who read and pass the information on, keep up the great work. Even if you're not in a position to send anything, that's not a problem. As Boy has said below:
We do this on our own. We do not come together at a central location to decide what to pack, or where to buy the ingredients, or to pack a pile of boxes as a group. We rely on self motivation to go and do it, and persistence and tenacity to do it again and again on a regular (or irregular) basis. We offer each other encouragement through our actions.

We have no central committee to keep things running. We elect no board, have no directors, have no Constitution and keep no lists of membership. We do not waste time on meeting and talking and canvassing opinions - we just do.

We pay for this ourselves. We seek no government grants or subsidies (apart from the free postage already on offer), or corporate support, and we seek no individual donations. We get no tax breaks or deductions. The effort to put together a box, and to earn the money to pay for the contents, is entirely ours.

We each choose how much to spend, and make no judgements as to whether a box cost nothing to pack, or a small fortune. You give what you can afford to give, and what you think would be worthwhile to receive.

We encourage others to do the same, but we do not hector, cajole or harass them into joining or complying. You do or you don't. What you choose to do is your business, and yours alone.

For our lurkers, in Oz and all the other countries reading us, keep up the good work.

It's bewdy, mate!


Trevanian said...

Gratz for the new hits i have linked you in my Sig from Bigfooty forums (i came across this site yet again as so many from Bolts blog) so hopefully a few are bothering to look in.

Esther said...

It spreads in little ways too. I have linked to you on my facebook page a couple of times, but when I posted my first parcel the lady who served me in the post office got quite excited about the idea and asked if she could copy the address and send her own parcel. As I left she was telling all the other staff about the idea.

Anonymous said...

I so glad I found you guys, I was nearly tearing my hair out trying to find somewhere about info about our soldiers overseas/care packages. (If you want info on US soldier care packages its easy. ) So thank you very very much, as this is one of the 2 places I found with into on care packages, what does this say about how much we appreciate our serving men and women. I can't wait to go shopping tomorrow to start my first package.

Nilk said...

Kate, you're more than welcome.

Also, it's not that we don't appreciate our men and women serving - more that we don't know how to show the appreciation.

Kae put up some links in the sidebar to posts that address why we put this blog together, so feel free to have a rummage around.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nilk,

yes you are right!!!! I think its also that there's just no info out there.

I've been rummaging here for the past 2 hours, thoroughly enjoying myself!!!!!! reading (just about )nope, make that have read everything here!!
thanks so much for all the time and effort you've all put in

Nilk said...

LOL Thanks for that.

If there's anything else you want to know, just ask. Either via the comments, since we all get a copy of the comments, or via our emails.

spot_the_dog said...

Hopefully, #MilitaryMon mentions on Twitter send a little bit of extra traffic your way as well :-)

Louise said...

I'm so glad to find a blog for supporting our Aussie soldiers. I looked for info on sending care packages a couple of years ago but couldn't find anything so this is great!
I've linked to you on my blog to help spread the word and will get started on my care packages asap.